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Colours of Life Date Added: 17/02/2009

Last year I was sitting in a seminar and the speaker was talking about the colours of business. He had linked a different colour to the three major areas we work in; Admin (Red), Sales (Blue) and Business Development (Black). The concepts of business being done on three levels I was in tune with and what each did and where growth was, but had never thought of putting them into colours.

Quite often great ideas are simple things. So I went out to buy an interchangeable colour pen. My idea was I wanted to go through the day and use the different colours as I work to see what I spent most of my time on. This would assist in reinforce the level I was working at. Like a time management running log.

I knew I needed to get out of the admin work I kept finding myself being dragged back to and move more into sales and developing the business.

So a quest to find a three-colour pen began. Simple enough one would think. But I could only find a four-colour pen, not just the three colours I wanted. Blue, Red, Black and Green are what I had to settle with.

Then I got to thinking about the forth colour – Green.

Over the last 20 years in business I have always worked on the three areas Admin, Sales, and Business Development. Had goals in place and worked toward these. But found I always felt a lack.

In the book the Way of the Peaceful Warrior the author takes us on a journey with us always looking to the way ahead the next level to reach the next ask to do, without stopping to watch and take in the moment we are in. Peter calls it  – Balance – Life Balance!

Keeping it (me) all together – shall we say – Life Balance.

So Green now, for me, is for Life Balance.

Not just the fun or family part; but what ever is needed to keep in balance to have our soul full.

Work is easy all you need to do is turn up and for most of us it is there. But Balance – Life Balance that’s another level.

Working towards a goal is important, reaching or exceeding goals is life changing but without a balance for life we can get to a destination and look around and find that empty feeling inside.

So how are you going with your four colours in life?

Warren Campion