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People & Technology Date Added: 05/02/2009

Why is it people always fear technology and in the sales arena treat it as a threat to sales and in fact link it to a reduction in sales?

From the research we have undertaken the results show the lack of training and the "we can work it out" attitude is the primary cause of technology distractions and loss of focus on dollar productive activities, then the new technology device. An invisible capital cost is reducing the return on many capital outlays when real estate offices upgrade equipment or systems in their organisation without applying the training required to master the new devices. Training is seen as a bonus which cannot be offered until we pay via result for the new equipment.

Over the past decade we have seem the Internet dominate the speed and delivery of news, communication and travel. Knowledge and an increase awareness of the global world we live in is now more true then in any other time since man / woman has walked this earth.

As we are dealing with people and the technology in the real estate industry can I ask you to take a look around your current office equipment and then start asking what type of technology your fellow work colleges have at home. Over the past 3 years visiting and working in hundreds of real estate offices I have found as a general rule many homes have better equipment then work places.

The place that funds standards of living, the place which creates most wealth for any country and in many eyes the back bone of the economy - small business leads the way, but our industry has taken the slow road of acceptance and even slower for the investment of proper skill set upgrades and capital equipment investment.

It is hard to accept the reality that equipment we buy today has a shorter self life then stuff brought 10 years ago. The day to day costs increase and the productivity return on equipment seems to have reduced.

We are told we need colour digital photo copiers, high speed Internet connections, a new computer or upgrade or extra software just to start work each week. And how often are we told - it does not work, it is slow, it is old, it will not do the job or I do not have the time to learn how to use it.

The return on investment or in this cast the invisible cost due to unskilled, black dot thinking is costing business much more then we want to accept.

Warren Campion